Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Couldn't quite get it together...

Hello again!

I just got back from my trip to Santa Fe with my husbands side of the family. I had a lot of fun and the weather was just perfect! Unfortunately I was unable to finish even a stitch on either of the projects that I took with me. I took my scrapghan and enough yarn to make some pumpkins. Both projects are extremely portable and I thought that I'd make quite a bit of progress. I was wrong....

I tried working on my projects on the drive there but I couldn't get my fingers to work and the yarn was tangled and before I knew it there was more yarn in the floorboard than going into my projects. I decided to put it aside and have fun getting to know my in-laws more. They live about 12 hours away from us and we only get to see them about once a year. My mother-in-law is very crafty. She makes the most amazing quilts and she even used to crochet. We talked the whole way and I'm glad for the progess that wasn't made on these projects.

Now looking forward I'm curious what type of progress will be made when I go on my Fall Foliage trip with my mom in a few weeks. We get along so well and we can waste so much time just talking and laughing. She is truly my best friend and I can share anything with her.

I'm not looking forward to returning to work. I wish I could stay home and get the blue beast done! I'm so close to being done and with the weather turning, I'd rather be under it watching a movie with my family. The closer to finishing a project I get the less I enjoy working on it for some reason. I always get very rushed and feel like it has to be done two weeks ago.

I'm off to make some pumpkin bread and hopefully get my crochet mojo back.

Until next time...

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