Sunday, September 20, 2015

Everyone needs a week off right....

This week has been quite hectic and I've neglected every single project in my WIP (Work In Progress) basket. I've also been very bad at posting to Instagram. I'm hoping that things will start to look up in the next few days. I'm going to pick up a very old project tonight and hope that this will give me enough of a refresh to start the new week off on the right foot.

Tonight I'm working on a large Granny Square blanket that has been a WIP for over a year. I started this project as a way to learn the Granny Square stitch and once started, I couldn't put it down. Eventually other projects came along and this blanket got pushed further and further from my mind. After finishing my last project (a baby blanket that will have it's own post soon enough) I made my mind up to finish this blanket.

My favorite part about this blanket is the mistakes. When I first started the project I wasn't quite sure how to change colors so I would finish the row completely and then start on the next row with the new color. This worked well until I ran across a post on Pinterest about how to change colors. I realized that if you start with the next color just one stitch sooner, your project looks much more professional.

I'm thinking that I need two more color rotations and then a border. I haven't quite figured the border out yet but I've got a few ideas to play around with. I'm hoping to use this blanket in my guest room and then build the decor around it.


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